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General Terms and Conditions of Use

Please read this user agreement and these terme and Condition carefully before using this site

Booking on line
Booking on line is a fully automated booking system.
By accessing the system, the user may:
- choose an event, finding related information and services connected thereto.
- directly choose services (hotel, trips...) from the list of suggested services.
After having chosen the required services and confirmed them by adding them to the shopping basket, the user may view the shopping list of what has been booked and proceed to their final confirmation.
At this point, users are automatically transferred to the website of Consorzio Triveneto Bancario (a banking syndicate) where they will fill in their credit card details for payment; these data are encrypted and sent in utmost safety and confidentiality, and not even Booking on line will be able to gain information as to the details of the used credit card.
This system rules out any interference with the confidentiality of the data provided by the purchaser.
It is important to key in your e-mail address correctly, as once the payment has been made, the user will receive confirmation of the successful credit card transaction by email in addition to the vouchers relating to the booked services-

Booking services
Services can be booked until all the available places allocated to the Internet service have expired; the booking is understood as being executed only upon payment of the due amounts by credit card by the user.
The booking is considered to have been successful only upon receiving the voucher that is sent by Booking on line.

User registration
In order to ensure that the booking procedure is performed correctly, the user needs to register.
Registered users are identified by means of their user login corresponding to their e-mail address and a password that they will be sent by the system.
In order to be recognised, it is essential to always use the same e-mail address.
Once a user has already registered it is sufficient to key in login and password and proceed to booking.
When it comes to filling in personal details, registered users will find that the system automatically fills in their personal details and can proceed immediately to the payment stage.
Users who are accessing for the first time and hence are not registered in the system will have to proceed to the booking procedure.
After purchasing the first service he or she is interested in, users will be asked to provide their personal details and at this point the system will ask them to register into the system, and will send them a password by e-mail; without closing the Booking on line window, users will open up their e-mail, read the password they have been allocated and key into the dedicated Booking on line box their e-mail address and password and then proceed to payment.
This system enables to check that the e-mail address provided in the personal details is correct, and makes sure that the documentation relating to the booking will be received correctly.
If a user does not receive the email including the password, this means that the provided address was wrong and that he or she will have to go back into the booking system and start the procedure over again, this time providing the right e-mail address.

User reserved area
The system includes a reserved area that is dedicated to professional operators and travel agencies. To access this service, users need to ask to register before accessing the services booking procedure.

Prices and currency
Prices are all in Euros.

Vouchers for booked services
For each booked service, once the credit card payment has gone through, the user will automatically receive an e-mail with the vouchers that are to be given to the services providers.
Vouchers are in .pdf format and should be read using Acrobat Reader.
Booking on line declines any responsibility for the non-delivery of vouchers caused by an invalid e-mail address or due to problems linked to the network or to the user?s e-mail inbox.
In order to conserve a report witnessing the completion of the procedure in the event of an invalid or wrong e-mail address or network connection problems, please print out the shopping list that will appear on your screen before proceeding to the credit card payment of the service, whereby you will be redirected to the website of our partner bank.
In the event of not receiving the vouchers or the receipt of payment due to network connection issues or others, please notify the event by sending an e-mail to

Booking on line only operates as a manager and guarantor for the booking of the various services and is appointed by the services suppliers to receive the due amounts.
Hence, the e-mail relating to the credit card transaction will be held as being the receipt of payment for the services it relates to and the invoices relating to the booked services shall be requested directly to the services providers upon the provision of the same services who shall issue said invoices, pursuant to the provisions of the laws in force.
Upon benefiting of the services, the user shall provide to the services provider the details of who the invoice is to be issued to.

Holder of the booking
The booking of services by means of our service is performed in the name of the booker and cannot be assigned to others, to guarantee your order and the security of the performed payment.

The figures that appear on the booking system and on the shopping list that is highlighted before the payment is performed include all the estimated costs.
There shall be no last-minute payments or charges.
All prices are shown in Euros.

Payment by credit card only
Our on line services can only be paid by credit card.
The bookings shall be considered valid only if upon confirming the purchase of the services the latter shall be settled by means of an electronic Visa or Mastercard credit card transaction.

Rescissions and penalties
All withdrawals or rescissions shall be sent in writing by e-mail to the address
In the event of the renunciation to purchase a service that has already been booked and pre-paid, the paid amount shall be reimbursed with the sole exception of an amount of just 5% of the amount to be reimbursed, to cover administrative costs.
Furthermore, penalties may be applied, only if provided for in the cancellation provisions published in the .pdf document in the section dedicated to the service subject to the renunciation.
Modifications to already confirmed files, where possible, may be performed by accessing the "Change booking" procedure, by keying in the e-mail and received password number and performing the changes based on the instructions provided by the system.
Rescissions shall be dated in reference to the date and time stated on the Booking on line website that states the local Italian time.
Pursuant to the European legislation on e-commerce and remote commerce (regulation 97/7 accepted by the Legislative Decree dating 14/5/99) for ticket office services for events and shows the right to rescissions is not contemplated.

Provision of services
Whenever services cannot be provided due to force majeure or in any case for any reason not dependent on the will of Booking on line, alternative solutions will be suggested that will not imply any further charges being borne by the purchaser, or, upon the purchaser?s request, the amount paid for the service that was not made use of will be reimbursed.
In the even of the cancellation of services or events, Booking on line shall only be liable for reimbursing the sole cost of the ticket booking service for the purchased event, and shall not be liable for any damage due to additional costs borne by the client to access the event.
Booking fees, if due, shall in no case be reimbursed.

Any fault found in the provided services must be notified by the user to the same provider of the service upon making use of the service and subsequently, without delay, communicated to Booking on line. Possible claims must be sent in writing by e-mail to the address or by registered mail with notification of receipt to Booking on line, via Porciglia 34 - 35121 Padua - Italy, at the latest within 7 working days from the date of returning to the place where the service was provided, on pain of forfeiture of the right to claim.
The claim shall state the number of the voucher of the challenged service and the answers provided by the services provider to the claim that was made.

Responsibility and Insurances
Booking on line, in its quality as simple booking tool on behalf of third parties, shall not be held responsible for any damage to persons or goods that may occur during the performance of the suggested events or upon carrying out the booked services.

Competent court
For any controversy and/or controversies reference shall be made to the Court of Padua. For all issues that are not expressly provided for in these general conditions reference shall be made to the laws in force.

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