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Additional Terms for Booking Hotel Stays

This Regulation on Hotel Booking includes remarks integrating the General regulations on booking services, which is published in the general section of this website and constitutes an integrating part thereof.

Room prices
This website suggests a range of prices for stays in hotels or in historical homes.
Rooms can be booked directly on line.
Prices are in Euros, per room and always include the overnight stay, taxes and generally also breakfast.
Prices are inclusive of booking charges.
To confirm the booking users are asked to settle the payment that can be performed on line with Visa or Mastercard credit card.
After the payment, users will immediately receive the receipt for the credit card transaction and the voucher by e-mail.

Bookings can generally be performed, depending on availability, up to 12 hours noon of the day prior to the arrival and is performed as follows:
- choose the date of arrival and departure;
- the type of room (single, double, triple...), the number of rooms and the Hotel category;
- at this point the system provides the photos of the available hotels and their overall price for the requested period;
- click on the box at the side of the required price and key in the names and surnames of the people who will stay in each room;
- the shopping list relating to the file will appear showing the due amount;
- the file can be cancelled or you can click on add to the shopping basket to confirm the booking;
- personal details will be requested: taking care to provide the correct e-mail in order to correctly receive the receipt and the vouchers by e-mail
- you will then be redirected to the Bank?s website for the credit card payment;
- after the payment you will be once again redirected to the procedure to proceed, if necessary, to a new purchase.

Users will receive an e-mail with the voucher that must be handed over to the hotel upon arrival.
The voucher includes:
- the booking code which is the same as the voucher code;
- the personal details of the person who performed the booking;
- the personal details of the holder of the voucher and possible partners;
- the address of the hotel, including telephone numbers;
- the type of stay that has been booked;
- the type and number of booked rooms;
- the dates of arrival and departure;
- possible notes on the service.

The invoice relating to the hotel stay will be issued directly by the hotel at the end of the stay.

Arrival in the Hotel
Hotel rooms are available from 2,00 p.m. on the date of arrival and must be left free by 11,00 a.m. of the notified date of departure;

Changes to the booked dates
The hotel booking can be changed.
- For changes that include the extension of the stay prior or after the confirmed dates, we recommend performing a new additional booking for the required dates and you will receive a new additional voucher.
- Changes to the dates of arrival and/or departure that require the cancellation of confirmed stays will be subject to the penalties stated in the item Cancellation and Penalties, here below;
- Changes can be performed by accessing the "Change the booking" procedure, and keying in the login which is your e-mail address, the password sent by the system, and by performing all the required changes following the instructions provided by the system. The User will receive a new voucher that will state, in the footnote, "this voucher replaces the previous voucher no...".

Cancellations and penalties
Once confirmed, bookings can be cancelled in full or in part under the following conditions:
- cancellations performed within 48 hours prior to 12,00 hours noon of the date of arrival (for example if the arrival is expected on the 24th, you can cancel, free of penalties, within 12,00 hours noon of the 22nd) as follows:
- no penalty on the stay;
- the recovery of administrative charges of just 5% + 20% VAT (for example; on the restitution of 100,00 Euros, 5% will be held, namely 5,00 + 1,00 VAT = 6,00 Euros);
- for cancellations subsequent to 48 hours prior to 12,00 hours noon of the date of arrival, as follows:
- penalty corresponding to the price of the first night of the stay,
- the recovery of administrative charges of just 5% + 20% VAT on the amount to be given back.
For the purpose of identifying the date of the cancellation, reference will be made to the local Italian date and time stated on the website.
The user shall provide a valid IBAN code in order for the sum that he or she has the right to be reimbursed to be sent by bank transfer.
In the event of a guest not arriving, known as no show, the hotel shall not refund the paid amount and the reservation shall be automatically cancelled.

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