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prenotazioni on  line di eventi e servizi turistici

Additional Terms for Booking Excursions

These Additional Regulation for Booking Excursions includes remarks integrating the General regulations on booking services, which is published in the general section of this website and constitutes an integrating part thereof.

Prices of Trips
Prices are in Euros, per person and include the programmes and services illustrated in the description of the individual trip.
Prices are inclusive of booking charges.
To confirm the booking users are asked to settle the payment that can be performed on line with Visa or Mastercard credit card.
After the payment, users will immediately receive the receipt for the credit card transaction and the voucher by e-mail.

Bookings can be performed by choosing:
- the type of trip you want to take part in;
- the date of the trip;
- the number of people to book for;
- the availability of places is checked, and if the service can be confirmed, the shopping list will be emphasised with the due amounts that can be confirmed by clicking on add to the shopping basket;
- personal details will be requested: taking care to provide the correct e-mail in order to correctly receive the receipt and the vouchers by e-mail
- you will then be redirected to the Bank?s website for the credit card payment;
- after the payment you will be once again redirected to the procedure to proceed, if necessary, to a new purchase.

Users will receive an e-mail with the voucher that must be handed over when the service is provided.
The voucher includes:
- the booking code which is the same as the voucher code;
- the personal details of the person who performed the booking;
- the personal details of the holder of the voucher and possible partners;
- the address of the services provider, including telephone numbers;
- the type of trip that has been booked and the number of participating people;
- the date, time and place of departure of the trip and the agreed meeting point;
- possible notes on the service.

Booking regulation and Liabilities
Booking on line, in its quality as simple booking tool on behalf of third parties, shall not be held directly responsible for any damage to persons or goods that may occur during the performance of the suggested trips; the responsibility therefore shall be notified directly to the organisers made known by Booking on line.
On behalf of the Organisers, the latter is made known:
? the general conditions for the purchase of trips available in this website are covered by Law 1084 of 27/12/1977 ratifying and implementing the International Convention on Travel Contracts (CCV) signed in Brussels on 23/04/1970, and having effect as of 14/10/1995, and L. D. no. 111 of 17/03/1995 implementing EEC directive no. 314/90.
? the responsibilities of the Organisers shall in no case exceed the limits provided for by the aforementioned law;
? the acceptation of the booking is subject to the availability of places and is understood to be completed with the confirmation and payment of the due amount;
? the Organiser shall have the faculty to modify or cancel the trip in the event of force majeure;
? the Organiser may also cancel the contract without any compensation when the minimum number of travellers (35 people) set in the programmes has not been reached;
? places are not numbered. The booking is to be settled upon confirming the journey.

Cancellation and Penalties
Once confirmed, bookings can be cancelled in full or in part under the following conditions:
a) 50% of the trip fee, if the renunciation happens 5 days prior the date of departure.
b) the complete trip fee after that date or in case of non-presentation.

For cancellations subject to penalties, the reimbursement shall be performed by the service provider stated on the voucher, and to whom the user shall make direct reference.
For the purpose of identifying the date of the cancellation, reference will be made to the local Italian date and time stated on the website.
The notice of cancellation sent by user by e-mail to shall include a valid BBAN code in order for the sum that he or she has the right to be reimbursed to be sent by bank transfer.
The notice of cancellation sent by the user by e-mail to shall include a valid IBAN code in order for the sum that he or she has the right to be reimbursed to be sent by bank transfer.

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